About Us

I love vintage woven textiles from around the world.

From simple European hemps woven by farmers in the dark winter months to provide the fabric of everyday life to the elaborate dowry textiles woven by women in the Chinese Minority groups to celebrate the wedding of a beloved son or daughter.

Some of the weaving techniques are dying out as younger generations haven't the patience to learn them. Whilst the designs themselves carry ancestral stories going back hundreds of years which could also be lost.

I like to find uses for these textiles so their beauty and craftsmanship can still be admired, either by making them into cushions and lampshades or simply mounting them on a frame as a piece of wall art.

Vintage textiles have a softness and patina much like a piece of antique furniture. Due either to years of wear or the use of a vegetable dye that has become muted or faded over time. Incorporating them into a new interior can lend a warmth and personality often absent with brand new textiles and can help to make a room feel more homely.

The textiles I use are in very good condition for their age. I do not use dirty or damaged pieces for my cushions and shades, and I wash most of them before use.

If you'd like to see my stock before buying, I work from my studio in Purley, where you are welcome to visit by appointment. It may also be possible to supply a textile swatch. In some circumstances I can supply cushions on appro, and even offer a concierge service if you have a big project.

Most of the cushions are suitable for use on seating but occasionally I will recommend a cushion for decorative purposes only. If you require cushions for heavy use then I suggest you contact me before you buy to discuss the suitability of the textile you've chosen.

My cushions are used by many top Interior Decorators and I'm happy to collaborate on schemes if a particlar colour, style or texture is needed but not available on the website.

Sign up to my mailing list for details of new products as they are listed. I also post daily on instagram when I've just finished  something or purchased a textile I'm really excited about.

If you do have any questions that I haven't answered on the website, then I'm always available on +44 (0) 7795 343042