Beautiful Antique Embroidery Cushion

Beautiful Antique Embroidery Cushion

Code: GRE01


W: 24" (61 cm)H: 16" (40.6 cm)


This cushion is made up of fragments of C19 antique Greek embroidery. The embroidery is in silk onto hand-spun handwoven linen and the colours are natural dyes. The embroidery fragments are joined together with linen crochet from a later date. I've secured the embroidery on unbleached antique linen which blends in perfectly with the fragments. The silk embroidery itself has a lovely worn patina, probably due to dye rot which happens with time. The cushion is backed with antique linen and there is a zip fastener and feather pad. 

This cushion should be treasured as a relic from another time. The antique linen is robust but the antique fragments are fragile. So I recommend using this cushion in a decorative way on a special antique chair or sofa rather than primary seating. Please do not beat it to plump up. The correct way of plumping up cushions is on the website under Caring for Your Cushions.