Dong-Miao long cushion

Dong-Miao long cushion

Code: DONG02


W: 37" (94 cm)H: 13" (33 cm)


I love this cushion! Its made from a C19 panel from a Dong-Miao wedding blanket. The blanket is handwoven and the coloured pattern is all natural dyes that are so muted now they are just exquisite. With indigo being the dominant colour the others are pinks and purples that have oxidized over time to the dark and dusty colours they are now. Although its over 100 years old, the textile is strong and in wonderful condition. I've backed the cushion with a natural plain linen which tones beautifully with the cotton ground of the weave. There is a zip fastener and feather pad.
This cushion is perfect to grace an antique sofa or dress a bed with and if treated well will last another 100 years.