Early Zhuang wedding blanket cushions

Early Zhuang wedding blanket cushions

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W: 19" (48.3 cm)H: 18" (45.7 cm)

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These cushions are made from a fine old Zhuang wedding blanket. The blanket was handwoven in cotton and silk and coloured with natural dyes. It dates to the turn of the last century so is about 100 years old. Its in very good condition for its age. There are areas of very faint colour run from some of the silks but these aren't really noticeable. Probably caused by being stored somewhere damp for a while. The colours are beautifully vibrant. The blanket was woven on a narrow loom around 13" wide and 3 widths are joined together to make the bigger piece. The fact that the patterns match at the seams means that the weaver was very skilled. I've backed the cushions with a heavy natural linen and there are zip fasteners and feather pads.