Ewe Cushions, Blue And Green

Ewe Cushions, Blue And Green

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W: 18" (45.7 cm)H: 18" (45.7 cm)

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I love these cushions. They are made from a mid century Kente cloth from Ghana. The strips are woven in a sturdy indigo dyed cotton which is a lovely mid blue. The cloth is decorated with supplementary floating weft stitches in rayon which has worn in places to give a beautiful patina. This does not effect the robustness of the cloth because the rayon is supplementary. The colours of the rayon are predominantly green and yellow, with a bit of pink. I've backed the cushions with a thick indigo dyed cotton and there are zip fasteners and feather pads.

There are 6 cushions available. 4 have a yellow band of weft blocks across the bottom and 2 do not.