Exquisite C19 Buyi textile cushion

Exquisite C19 Buyi textile cushion

Code: BUYI44


W: 14" (35.6 cm)H: 13" (33 cm)


This cushion is made from a simply exquisite Buyi minority textile. It has been removed from a baby carrier and is in amazing condition considering it's around 150 years old. The silk has obviously faded with time, especially the pale blue colour (this can be seen better on the inside of the cushion), and there is some dye rot on the purple colours which is typical. The underlying cotton weave is still strong.
I have attached a vintage tassel to the front of the cushion because I thought they worked so well together but this can removed easily if you prefer it without.
The back is vintage hemp in a light indigo, and there is a zip fastener and feather pad.