Flores ikat cushion

Flores ikat cushion

Code: IKAT54


W: 20" (50.8 cm)H: 20" (50.8 cm)


These two cushions are made from a vintage tube skirt from Flores, Indonesia. The textile was handwoven and coloured with natural dyes. One side of the textile is quite faded which was the outside of the skirt and the colours are stronger on the inside. I've used the more faded side for the right side of the cushions because i think the pinky brown and grey is more attractive. The tube skirts are created by piecing together 4 sections of cloth to make a bigger garment. I've have also pieced together some sections of the skirt to make the most of the decorative weaving. The front and backs of the cushions have different patterns so you can have either shownng depending on which you prefer. Or even one of each.
There are zip fasteners and feather pads.