Gold Zhuang Cushion With Tassels

Gold Zhuang Cushion With Tassels

Code: ZHUANG687


W: 24" (61 cm)H: 12" (30.5 cm)


This cushion is made from a panel taken from a vintage Zhuang wedding blanket. The blanket was handwoven on a narrow loon, only 13" wide, hence the shape of the cushion. The textile is woven in cotton and silk and coloured with natural dyes. These colours aren't really gold but are various golds, coppers, bronzes and even olive green. They are all soft and natural tones though. I've added green tassels which are also coloured with natural dye. The back of the cushion is another vintage textile, this time from the Ha Chinese. Its also handwoven on a a narrow loom 13" wide, but the colour is mid brown with a green pinstripe. There is a zip fasteners and feather pad.