Indigo cushions with embroidered border

Indigo cushions with embroidered border

Code: BORD01 & 02


W: 24" (61 cm)H: 16" (40.6 cm)

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These 2 cushions are made from a contemporary thick cotton textile that is indigo dyed and adorned with a beautiful vintage embroidery. The embroidery was originally the border of a skirt from the Kutch region of Gujarat, India. It is in chain stitch on a hand spun and hand woven indigo cotton ground. It is very pretty and I've used it to border the sides of both cushions. There is a slight difference in the colours of the flowers. On one cushion they are more red and the other they are a softer pink but they still work as a unique and exquisite pair of cushions.
The backs of the cushions are plain indigo and there are zip fasteners and feather pads.