Large Banjara cushion

Large Banjara cushion

Code: BANJ94


W: 25" (63.5 cm)H: 24" (61 cm)


This beautiful big cushion is made from a vintage chakla by the Banjara nomadic group, in India renowned for their needlework skills. The chaklas are decorative pieces of cloth used to cover ceremonial gifts or decorate walls. The textile is a hand woven soft red cotton topping several layers of recycled cotton, quilted together with tiny off white running stitches and some coloured couched stitching. Finished off with decorative cowrie shells. There is a fabulous blanket stich all around the edges of the chackla and when I put the linen back on the cushion, I do so in a way to show this edge. The textile is in excellent condition and these are very hard to find now.