Large Vintage Banjara Cushion

Large Vintage Banjara Cushion

Code: BANJ08


W: 21" (53.3 cm)H: 21" (53.3 cm)


This cushion is made from a large vintage Banjara envelope bag. The Banjara are an ethnic group of semi-nomadic tribes found throughout the Indian subcontinent. They are renowned for their highly colourful textiles which they embroider heavily and decorate with cowrie shells and mirrors. This cushion is a deconstructed bag and is in immaculate condition. The colours are very typical of the Banjara, orange, red and yellow, and they have become more subtle with time. Banjara textiles of this age and quality are hard to find and expensive, so this cushion is a bit of a treasure. It can be viewed in my studio in Purley or please ask for a shipping quote.

Since it's a standard square size it can be shipped without the pad if required.