Long Maonan wedding blanket cushion

Long Maonan wedding blanket cushion

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W: 37" (94 cm)H: 14" (35.6 cm)

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This beautiful long cushion is made from the centre panel of a vintage Maonan wedding blanket, handwoven in cotton and silk. The burgundy silk ground is decorated with auspicious symbols in purple, orange, blue and celadon green, and the pallet has a lovely 1950s feel to it. I've backed the cushion with a vintage handloomed cotton textile from Songjiang in Shanghai, which was reknown historically for its weaving industry. Some of the old looms still exist and handweaving still occurs on a small scale by weavers who are mainly now elderly. I think the resulting cushion is very striking and made of two fabrics with a story. It would look fabulous on a bed or low backed sofa.
Ive added handmade tassels at the corners and there is a zip fastener and feather pad.