Magnificent large Banjara cushion

Magnificent large Banjara cushion

Code: BANJ70


W: 26" (66 cm)H: 24" (61 cm)


Just wow! This large cushion is made from a vintage Banjara rumal in almost perfect condition. A rumal such as this would be a textile used for special purposes such as a ceremonial cover or to wrap a gift. The rumal is made from layers of cotton quilted together in tiny stitches with decorative couching and embroidery. The colour of the cotton fabric is madder red and the decorative stitching in pale green, yellow, dark blue and red colours. The back of the cushion is in plain linen and has been added keeping the beautifully over-sewn edges of the rumal visible. There is a one inch flange border, zip fastener and feather pad.