Sami Quilt Cushions with Blue Tassels

Sami Quilt Cushions with Blue Tassels

Code: SAMI01 & 02


W: 22" (55.9 cm)H: 16" (40.6 cm)


This pair of cushions is made from part of a vintage Sami quilt. The layers of thin cotton block print fabric have been sewn together with tiny little kantha stiches. The finished article is soft, strong and has a lovely drape. This vintage quilt should not be confused with the ubiquitous kanthas made from re-cycled sarees. These are genuine vintage textiles and are very hard to come by now.
The colours are rust, dark blue and pale green. I've added dark blue tassels and a rust coloured vintage hemp back. There are zip fasteners an feather pads.