Songjiang cushions, ochre large check

Songjiang cushions, ochre large check

Code: SONG75 & 76


W: 20" (50.8 cm)H: 19" (48.3 cm)


These cushions are made from a vintage handwoven textile from the Han Chinese in the Songjiang area of Shanghai. The textile is handwoven on a narrow loom approx 21" wide.  The ochre is the natural colour of the cotton and is rare now since its no longer commercially grown. The stripes are in a beautiful deep blue. I only had enough textile for 2 cushions since it's so rare. I have soaked and washed the fabric as I do with all  my textiles, but there are still faint storage marks which I have included in the photos. These are not very noticeable but if you like your textiles perfect, then these aren't for you. There are zip fasteners and feather pads.