Super Large Burmese Embroidery Cushion

Super Large Burmese Embroidery Cushion

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W: 46" (116.8 cm)H: 16" (40.6 cm)

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Wow what a stunner! this cushion is made from a vintage Burmese tunic. The tunic was heavily embroidered in pinky-red silk and jobs tears seeds and i opened it out for the face of the cushion. I made up the rest of the cushion with a vintage hand-loomed textile from East China, in a lovely medium blue which works beautifully with the pink silk. The result is a fabulous cushion that should take up pride of place on a king-size or super king-size bed. I think it has a lovely bohemian look to it and i love it!

There is a zip fastener and feather pad.

Please check the delivery charge for this pillow. Due to its size there will be a premium charge