Swat marriage pillow with crochet trim

Swat marriage pillow with crochet trim

Code: SWAT30


W: 32" (81.3 cm)H: 14" (35.6 cm)

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This is a lovely old Swat marriage pillow. The embroidery is in very good condition with no patches of wear and it was well executed. There are varying shades of reds, madder and pinks with accents of yellow and green. Both sides of the pillow are attractive so you have a choice which to use as the front. There is a pretty blue cotton crochet trim original to the pillow and this looks amazing flopped onto the cushion as the blue against the red is beautiful.

The pillow originally have stud fasteners at one end, but I find these can pop open with a fat insert, so I have reworked it and added a zip instead. It has a nice fat feather pad.