Vintage Yoruba Textile Cushions

Vintage Yoruba Textile Cushions

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W: 1" (2.5 cm)H: 19" (48.3 cm)

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These cushions are made from vintage Yoruba aso oke. The Yoruba are the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria. Aso-Oke is a cloth that is worn on special occasions by the Yoruba, usually for chieftaincy festivals, engagements, naming ceremonies and other important events.
The cloth is woven by men in narrow strips (strip-weave) and the strips are sewn together to make the bigger piece.
The cloths are typically decorated with lace holes and floating supplementary weft stitches. These beige aso oke are called Sanyan and they are woven in cotton and wild silk
from the cocoons of the anaphe moth.
I was luck to find several aso oke from the same weaver and so have made up 15 cushions.