Yao Quing Dynasty wedding blanket cushions

Yao Quing Dynasty wedding blanket cushions

Code: YAO12, 13 & 14


W: 24" (61 cm)H: 16" (40.6 cm)


Exquisite!! These cushions are made from an antique silk wedding blanket from the Yao Chinese minority. The blanket dates to the Quing Dynasty, ie pre 1912. The colour of the silk is a natural dye that was originally bright pink and you can make out the original geometric pattern of the weaving. The pink has oxidised over time to the beautiful golden colour you see know, and it is this aging process that helps us to date the textile. I've backed the cushions with a vintage hemp dyed slate blue, and the overall look is one of understated elegance.
The wedding blanket is in very good condition, but please bear in mind its age when selecting it for a project. To preserve its condition I would recommend it for occasional use only.
It has a zip fastener and feather pad.