Lao silk brocade cushion with tassels

Lao silk brocade cushion with tassels

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W: 24" (61 cm)H: 16" (40.6 cm)

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These beautiful cushions are made from a handwoven silk textile from Lao that was originally made for a tube skirt or sindh. The silk brocade has a ground colour in lavender with the supplementary weft floss silk in a variety of colours including black, taupe, green , lilac and pale yellow. The work that has gone into weaving the brocade is amazing and it would have taken a whole day to weave just a few centimetres.
The backs are from a blue and white soft cotton made for French chef's trousers and I've added handmade pink linen tassels at the corners.

There are zip fasteners and feather pads.