Laos silk brocade with green tassels

Laos silk brocade with green tassels

Code: LAOS44 & 45


W: 24" (61 cm)H: 15" (38.1 cm)


These cushions are really beautiful. They are a contemporary handwoven silk textile from Laos that was intended to be a sindh (tube skirt) that Lao women wear. The textile is heavy with brocade and would have been made by a highly skilled weaver and would have taken months to complete. The fact that there is so much decorative brocade weaving also means that a woman of high status would have worn the skirt. The colours are wonderful and all natural dyes. The main ground colour is burnt orange and the brocade pattern in off white that looks quite lacey. There are one or two liitle black spots on the orange silk. These are not marks, but knots or slubs in the black cotton weft. These are often a characteristic of a handloomed textile and should not be considered as flaws.

I've added handmade green tassels and backed the cushions with a thick creamy striped  handwoven silk from Turkey.
There are zip fasteners and feather pads.