Framed Baby Quilt

Framed Baby Quilt

Code: QUILT04


W: 44" (111.8 cm)H: 26.5" (67.3 cm)


This amazing textile is a baby quilt c1960, made by the Gadhvi community from the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India. It is so called because of its small size and not because it was made for a baby. They were actually made for folk singers to sit on while they sang their songs, so its a good textile for music lovers. The quilt itself is made of several layers of cotton quilted together with tiny stitches. The quilts all follow this design where the centre panel either red or off white, is decorated with pieces of chintz and old Manchester print. The edges are adorned with applique and mirror work and the end result is quite beautiful. All the work is done by hand and would have taken many hours. Quilts in this good condition are very hard to find now. I have mounted this quilt on a stretched canvas so it can be hung on a wall. due to its age and storage the quilt has a little sag but this should be seen as character rather than imperfection.

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