Framed Baiku Yao Minority Skirt

Framed Baiku Yao Minority Skirt

Code: SKIRT09


W: 46" (116.8 cm)H: 48" (121.9 cm)D: 3" (7.6 cm)


This is a stunning way to display a vintage skirt. The skirt is from the Baiku (white trouser) Yao Chinese minority group. It is made from handloomed hemp which is indigo dyed and patterned with concentric rings of batik. The orange patches and border are in felted silk and the hem is finished of with a thick homespun pink brocade ribbon. The skirt is pleated and the pleats then stiffened with root vegetable paste from the rare pot bellied tree, only found in their area, near Libo, Guizhou Province. This ensures a good sashaying motion when the wearer is walking. These skirts would be worn at festivals.

The skirt is mounted on linen stretched over a frame and at 48" square would make a statement in any room. I particularly love the bright blue indigo colour.

It can be supplied with a Perspex cover which I think lends it a more contemporary appearance and reduces potential damage from UV light. Please ask for a quote.