Framed Banjara rumal

Framed Banjara rumal

Code: RUM02


W: 19" (48.3 cm)H: 19" (48.3 cm)


I bought this vintage Banjara rumal because not only is the embroidery and applique exquisite, the colours are good. The main cloth comprises indigo and madder dyed cottons, which have aged beautifully. It dates to around 1950.  It is in goood condiion for its age. It has some faint marks which I've shown in one of the photos and a tiny hole.
A rumal is a small decorative piece of cloth with a special use, such as in ceremonies or to cover or wrap gifts. I've mounted the rumal on dark blue dyed vintage hemp which is stretched over a canvas. The cowries stand out nicely from the dark background.
It makes a lovely piece of wall art and the little mirrors reflect the light.