Framed Buyi Minority Wedding Blanket

Framed Buyi Minority Wedding Blanket

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W: 55" (139.7 cm)H: 35.7" (90.7 cm)D: 1.5" (3.8 cm)

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This gorgeous textile is from an antique Buyi minority wedding blanket. The Buyi minority or hilltribe number about 2.5 million and largely inhabit Guizhou Province, SW China. The blanket is made up of a patchwork of thickly quilted squares, decorated with applique and couched stitching. The colours are all natural and comprise two tones of brown and two tones of indigo. The quilt would have had at least one border in either indigo or brown colours. I have added a small indigo border which really lifts up the indigo colours in the quilt. This is a rare and amazing textile and I recommend covering it with a perspex box to protect the colours from fading. I can get a price for this if required.