Framed Miao Guiding skirt

Framed Miao Guiding skirt

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W: 41.5" (105.4 cm)H: 41.5" (105.4 cm)D: 1.5" (3.8 cm)

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This is a really good example of a vintage Miao skirt from the Guiding area of Guizhou Province, SW China. These skirts are worn daily and all follow the same design of checked squares with alternating batik design and embroidered patches. This skirt is good because of the abundance of embroidery patches. The skirts are stiffened with starch and pleated in tiny pleats. I've stretch mounted it on a pale linen covered canvas. I think its an absolute beauty. If you are considering hanging it on a wall in direct sunlight, I recommend getting a museum grade Perspex cover which will cut out UV light and prevent the colour from fading. I can get a quote for this.