Framed Miao skirt

Framed Miao skirt

Code: SKIRT13


W: 54" (137.2 cm)H: 54" (137.2 cm)D: 3" (7.6 cm)


This vintage Miao pleated skirt is mounted on plain linen over a stretched canvas. I really like this skirt, the blue indigo batik is a good colour and around the border the batik is green which is not something I've seen before. There are lovely patches of applique and embroidery and some very 1960s looking cotton print.
The skirt is hemp and is heavily pleated apart from one section which comprises to the two ends where there would have been overlap before it was fastened. It's a beautiful and rare piece and makes a stunning piece of wall art at 54" square.
I can supply a Perspex cover for it or it can be displayed as it is. The Perspex can help to make the skirt look like a piece of contemporary artwork if that's the look you require.
If you would like a cover then please ask for a quote.