Framed Vintage Miao Skirt

Framed Vintage Miao Skirt

Code: SKIRT16


W: 50" (127 cm)H: 50" (127 cm)


This amazing piece of wall art is a vintage Miao minority festival skirt. Its about 60 years old and was worn for festivals. Its in such good condition though, I don't think its was used very often. The main body of the skirt is hand loomed hemp, which is indigo dyed with a resist pattern. The skirt border is approx 9 inches deep in a machine made cotton that is also decorated in an indigo batik. The batik is over laid with appliqued red and white cotton strips which are embroidered with dense yellow floss silk. The appilque and embroidery is all done by hand and would have taken many months to do. The skirt is heavily pleated and has about 4.5m of fabric in it and is a considerable weight. I have mounted it a natural coloured linen, over a stretched canvas and i think it makes a striking and interesting piece of wall art.

If you would like a Perspex box to cover the skirt, then please request a quote. These make the skirt look more contemporary and are useful to keep off dust and reduce harmful UV rays which could cause fading.