Rare XL Banjara bag

Rare XL Banjara bag

Code: BANJ68


W: 36" (91.4 cm)H: 35" (88.9 cm)


A rare opportunity to purchase an unusually large Banjara quilted bag in great condition. The bag dates to the first half of C20, as determined by the construction of the cowrie shell tassels. The bag is almost 3 feet square and is heavily embroidered on both sides with quilting and couched stitches. The cotton fabric is in a nine square pattern, of faded madder and indigo natural dyes. One side of the bag is almost perfect, with just a couple of miniscule areas of wear. The other side has some small old Banjara patches that are beautifully executed, and a couple of small brown stains.  These are shown in the photographs. The bag has loops at the top for fastening. Some of these are lost but there are enough to enable it to be hung from a pole if desired. The Banjara are a semi nomadic group so carry their possessions with them. I think a bag like this would be used for something special, maybe dowry items?