Silk patchwork quilt

Silk patchwork quilt

Code: QUILT01


W: 86" (218.4 cm)H: 60" (152.4 cm)


This superfine silk embroidered patchwork quilt was made in a co-operative in India whose purpose is to keep these amazing needlework skills alive and allow the women to earn a living. The stitching is all hand done and is unbelievable. It is tiny and perfect, and the back is really neat as well. The silks are blues, greens and rust and the back is a lovely yellow and mustard block print. it dates from the 1990s and is a quality you are unlikely to find now and especially not at affordable prices. It's size is suitable for a single bed or a lightweight throw for a sofa. As with all patchwork quilts the size may be a little out in places but it sits beautifully on the bed.